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Content Creators Membership.


  • Current monthly membership rate: $100 per month.

  • Set-up fee: $500 

  • Allowed number of video content uploads: Unlimited.

  • Time length per video: no time caps.

  • Remote TV App included.

  • Cable TV interface included.

  • Branded TV network included.

  • Full control of what content plays on your TV Network.

  • You keep 100% of all AD revenue made from your TV Network.

  • Monetization terms that's in your favor. 

  • You always retain the rights to your content.

  • Insiders Club Meetings: Monthly online meetings providing information on corporate sponsorship leads.

  • Access to a library of video content: Fill gaps in your TV schedule with movies, podcast, music videos, originals and more.

Terms and conditions:

  • You retain ownership and rights of all your content., TMVTC or The Music Video Training Center do not own any rights to the content you provide. Content provider retains 100 percent rights and ownership to submitted content.

  • will not profit from any content submitted by content creators. requires no sign up, cost or monetary exchange to watch our TV network. We only accept membership fees from content creators.

  • Content provider is allowed to sell advertising within their content. No fees or percentages are owed to

  • may keep your content in rotation after membership is not renewed. If this happens, you will be categorized as a FREE member at As a free member, your content will still air on, but your content is not monetized.

  • Video Standards: Content provider certifies that content is 100% original. Music must be original or have clearances. Video content must have a video resolution of 1920x1080. Audio cannot be recorded with “in-camera” microphone. All content must have used an external audio recording device to capture sound. No hate speech or fighting videos will be allowed.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • Syndication badge: also acts a syndication platform for other TV networks to purchase your content. If another TV network wants to purchase your content, EBNY will negotiate and close the sale of requested content. If a sale is completed, will take 40% of the sale. You, as the content creator will keep 60% of the total sale.

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To place your order by phone, call 1-858-848-6882.

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