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"FASTLANDERS" in theaters October 20th.

Tickets available now.

Synopsis: After WW3, an all powerful AI struggles to maintain order in a world gone mad.  Its solution: Divide resources via a Gladitorial contest known as the Tournament. 

Daring driver’s risk it all in order to bring honor and survival to their respective communities.  However, the discovery of a mysterious Key could unravel the current system. 

The reigning c
hampions seek to twist this new found knowledge to their own gain.  High stakes at high speeds are a perfect combination for a true adrenaline junkie. In the Fastlander world, you slow down, you die.

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm est.
Date: 10/20/23
Location: 600 Settlers Landing Rd, Hampton, VA 23669

General Admission: $9.95


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