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Activate your membership today by calling 1-858-848-6882.

Upload videos, advertise and own a TV Network with


Cost: $500 (per day/per video) for all video uploads.

Best for:
time-sensitive video content.

Creators Membership.

-Custom TV Remote App.
-Unlimited video uploads.
-1 year unlimited access.
-Custom channel.
-Channel and App monetized.

Cost: $850 per month.

The perfect membership for:
content creators.

Advertising Memberships.

-Unlimited uploads/airtime.
-1 year access.
-Advertise on all channels.
-Advertise on all Apps.

Corporate Membership:
Cost: $10,000/year.

(For companies with more than 50 employees).

Small Business Membership:
Cost: $5,000/year.

(For companies with less 
than 50 employees).

Leasing Memberships.

-Access to entire video library.
-Custom TV Remote App.
-Custom channel.

Cost: $25,000/year.
An exclusive membership for: start-up streaming companies, media outlets and people with TV Networks.

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