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Rent: Time Glitch.

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Genre: Science Fiction/Drama. Based on the true story of Jonathan (Malibu Slimm) Slack.

"Time Glitch" goes into the mind of a person who is homeless, forgotten by society and addicted to cocaine. The story shows the daily life of the character Tito Ray, pan handling, stealing food and seeking places to sleep daily.

The basis of all of his misfortune is that he was molested daily for over a year at 6 years old. The film shows how one can be in a distraught, self-destructive state of mind from cocaine addiction and mental anguish that causes time to pass and one to have no reference to where he is in time or in daily life.

Awareness of the reality that he is in a self-destructive pattern is what Tito Ray has to accept in order to move forward, but his secret drug addiction has a hold on his life that makes it hard for him to come to grips with the truth. Drug addiction, molestation, homelessness and abandonment all combined can be a heavy burden for one to carry daily.

"Time Glitch" shows the true life of one man and his strange journey through all of the chaos.

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